The Series Hunger Games

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While walk out of townsfolk, Fievel stops to blab with an elderly bloodhound quiescence exterior the lag, discovering that atomic number 2 is really Wylie Burp. Fievel convinces him to serve and train Tiger as a law officer and a chase. Tiger is reluctant atomic number 85 first, but relents At the suggestion that A new persona might win back Miss Kitty. They the series hunger games move on back to Green River to struggle the cats, WHO attempt to kill the mice atomic number 85 sunset during the opening of Cat R.'s saloon victimization a giant pussyfoot trap. Tiger, Wylie and Fievel intervene and fight the cats. When Chula threatens to kill Miss Kitty, Tiger rescues her and uses a pitchfork and Chula's net as a lasso with him unfree on it to thrust Cat R. and his underlings out of townsfolk by having them concentrated on part of the pin, which the heroes use as a sling. The cats fly into the air out and set down into A postbag, which a passing trail picks upward and leaves.

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